Lightning Build problems

As you can see if I build lightning (doesn’t matter which quality I choose) it’s getting weird. :confused:
Preview / before building lightning

After building lightning

The lightmap resolution on the ground is too low, which is why it looks formless and blobby

How do I set lightmap resolution ? Does that mean “Overridden Light Map Res”? If that does what is the best resolution to build lightning because I set it to 50000, because I don’t know what it means. :confused: And after that shadows are not updating anymore.

You should go through this page:

Lightmap Resolution doesn’t fix my problem. I tried everything but no idea how to fix that. :confused: Only if I set the light source to moveable I am fine I don’t have to build lightning anymore but that is not the best solution, right?

Dynamic lighting (or using move-able lights) is much more performance intensive. Is the ground a static mesh or BSP? If it’s BSP you’ll need to lower the light map resolution to actually increase the quality of the light map (backwards I know). If it’s a static mesh try inceasing the resolution to something like 1024.

It’s static mesh, already tried up to 2048 but it doesn’t change like I want, well a bit increases the quality and I guess I can’t go higher than 10000+? :smiley: And if yes I am kinda bored to figure it out for every single mesh and it really needs time to build lightning. :confused:

Do you have a lightmass importance volume in the level?

Lightmass importance volume doesn’t change anything for me. Well that is the result what I get if I do everything like you guys or the documentation said: max.png
Note: Its a static shadow = it means it doesn’t move or something.

If your static mesh is very large, then even the largest lightmap (2048) won’t be enough. If it’s not a huge mesh, then make sure that your lightmap UV’s are set up correctly, it’s possible that the mesh is very small in the UV’s and it’s not using as much of the space as it could be.

Lightmap resolution on 8192 is kinda freezing my pc. I don’t think my mesh isnt that very lage. :smiley: UV is not showing any error so I think they are correctly.

Can you post a picture of the entire static mesh and your lightmap UVs? I’d suggest against baking above 2048 most of time.

I would agree with everyone here that large lightmap resolutions are not the best solution. You’re looking at a large overhead for that lightmap texture compared to using a lower resolution.

For something like foliage I would recommend at the very least using stationary lighting with a set distance for your cascaded shadow maps (default is 0 for Stationary Directional light). By using a Stationary Directional light you have your tree sway with the wind and still have a baked shadow on the ground that doesn’t need to be really high resolution. You can set the Dynamic light distance to something between 5000 and 10000, maybe lower than those numbers, so that when you’re within range the dynamic shadows will be used.

I would recommend using as low a lightmap resolution as possible on everything in the game. There have been very few instances where I’ve had to go over 512 or even 1024 for a lightmap resolution, and when I have it’s typically been a floor mesh that has been scaled. . The majority of my meshes will sit between 64 and 256 for the most part. UV layout is a big thing here as well to make sure you’re using the space efficiently to get the most out of your UV space.

For a side project I’m working on for world lighting setup and modular pieces I have a very large lobby with a floor and ceiling piece that only use a 512 Lightmap resolution.

For size reference the piece is ~2600x1700 units.

I hope this helps.

As you can see no errors, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant for the ground, the tree mesh has very little to do with how the ground recieves the shadows.

The part with setting dynamic light distance helped me a lot. Now it works like I wanted, thank you Mr. Hibson. <'3.
But why isn’t any description in the documentation about “LightingTroubleshootingGuide”? Good to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what do you mean with that. :confused: Can you explain more about it, thank you. :slight_smile:

What are you using for the ground? Is it a static mesh? BSP? The terrain system?

The shadow resolution is controlled by the object receiving the shadow, so in this case the shadow from the tree is falling on the ground, if the shadow on the ground appears too low resolution then it’s due to the lightmap setting on the ground, not on the tree.

Well its the basic room of the third person template. = static mesh actor