Lightning build Fails without clear Errors (4.19)

i just updated my project from 4.15 to 4.19(latest) and now my lightning build is failing without giving me a clear reason…
There are no warnings no errors etc just this two lines and a list of all Primitives with unbuilt interactions (2467).

Job has failed! Job executable didn't exit cleanly. Exit code: -1073741819
LogStaticLightingSystem: Warning: Failed to build lighting!!! Lighting build failed.

The only UE related thread i found to this Exit code in combination with lightning building is unsolved and from 2015…

Hope anyone ran into the same problem or knows a way to solve…


I could just ran out of RAM as i just realized i gotta check that. this post might be irrelevant. i am sorry.

ok it was just a RAM issue, if you ever run into this situation check your RAM