Lightmass Swarm - Remote agent in 'Starving' state?

I’ve never seen this before and can’t find any documentation on what this means… Can someone tell me what the starving state is for Remote Agents?

Yea, I’m experiencing this too, and can’t seem to find any information on it.

Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m the only one in the world using lightmass given how sparse the information is and how non-existent the community is. I mean honestly who puts a state in there with ZERO explanation on what the hell it means?

Doesn’t anybody know what this means or how to troubleshoot it?

I’ve started getting it recently too, on a machine that does nothing but run lightmass and was working just fine for months.

What solved it for me was:

I configure the agent in “PC-1” (PC-2 has the coordinator), but the agent in PC-1 was opened automatically from Unreal, provided I tried to build the light first. Once I restarted the machine and tried to build againg got the “starving” message in the coordinator; so, in PC-1 y closet the swarm agent, then opened the swarm agent from the installation folder, configure again. Then tried to ping the coordinator, that was it; hope it works.