Lightmass Shadow LOD

I’ve been searching for hours trying to find a solution for this but I just can’t figure it out.

Here’s what’s happening with the shadows on my static meshes after I build Lighting:

The LOD switch on the shadow is very noticeable and just looks bad until you’re very close up to it. Both the wall and the pillar are static meshes, and the light is just UDK’s default morning level light.

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, this has been driving me crazy all day.

I just noticed you are in the wrong forum, this is Unreal Engine 4, however the same applies for UDK, go to the engine config file and edit that line as well.

Go to ProgramFiles/UnrealEngine/EngineVersion/Engine/Config/BaseEngine.ini and edit the line:

LightmapStreamingFactor to equal something like .5 or .6 and it will stream out later when you are much farther. I usually use 1.0 or .9 for renders. Restart the Engine

As TheAgent already mentioned, next time please post your UDK questions into the UDK forum: https://forums.epicgames/forum.php? :slight_smile:

Ahh, sorry I’m in the wrong forum, I’ll repost in the UDK forum, but thanks for the answer. I set LightmapStreamingFactor to 1 in BaseEngine.ini but there was no change. I’m trying to set up a small scene to render and this problem is killing me.

Edit: Setting ShadowmapStreamingFactor to 1 fixed it!

Glad you solved it!

Ha…awesome! Had exactly this issue with my UE4 Apartment scene :smiley: Wanted to try out a bit of ArchViz but the Lightmap loding was destroying every nice looking image :smiley: Thanks a bunch!