Lightmass Error... I can't figure out where it comes from

Hi everybody!

I’m working on a project and no matter how much I increase the lightmap settings, i have this error. This is the info about that place:

  • Modeling is welded, no gaps, thick enough. No double faces and the UV on it it’s even compressed a bit to try to make it go away.
  • All the white wall is one object, there are no seam lines in unwrapping here.
  • Changing the lightmap resolution on it it’s helping, but I still have dotlights coming through, and honestly I dont want 4K lightmass.

I’m sharing the Lightmass settings attached, can someone with more experience tell me what to change here?

Thank you sooo much… :slight_smile:

What error?

Sorry, this one, these light leaks

talking about those areas that look like light leaking under the windows? I don’t see dot lights. Those appear to be reflections too.

That’s a reflection. You could get rid of it by

  1. making the material more rough

  2. disabling screen space reflections

  3. removing any sphere reflection captures.