Lightmass error 0xc000007b

Hi everyone, I have this error when i try to build the lights on my scene. and its driving me insane.
I have tried everything, i’ve uninstalled/reinstalled UE4, VisualC Redist for vs 2013 and 2015 (Im using windows 10 64bits)
i have cleaned/revalidated cache on swarm agent, cleaned all files in user/appdata, reinstalled directx and im still getting the same error.

i would really appreciate any hints on how to solve this.
Thanks in advance!

There’s a discussion of this error code here, maybe it will help:

Nop, that doesnt help, my engine works perfectly. but cant build lights, all i have saw on post like that ones are missing dlls for engine to work (Same happening with paragon game) but even the game works perfectly. anyways, i have done all those steps also. reinstaling visual studio redists and all of that stuff but nothing seems to work :frowning: