Lightmass AO strength in android

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to put together a small Archiviz project for Android. All the shadows are precomputed by Lightmass and uncompressed, I have only one directional light and one skylight.
I have been trying to figure out a way to make the baked AO more noticeable, since every time I switch from SM5 rendering level to Android preview mode (both High end and the other one), I get a clearly weaker AO (I have also tested that in my android device with the same results).
I’m working with HDR, but even after tweaking the tone mapper I cannot get the results I would like.
It’s not my intention to use any other type of AO but the precomputed one.

-Do you guys know a way to fix that?

-Does anyone know whether the AO material slot will be available anytime soon for mobile platforms?

-Does anyone know whether the AOPrecomputedMask material node will be available anytime soon for mobile platforms?

Thank you very much for your time!

Since I’ve been lurking this forum and answer hub for a while without posting I would also like to thank the Epic Games Team for doing such a good job!


That’s not anything to do with AO, it’s something to do with tonemapping or something like that, the scene is overall brighter but the shadows are still there.

Thank you @darthviper107 for your answer, I don’t think it has anything to do with lightmass neither, and I also think that is has something to do with the way mobile tonemapper works. But even after tweaking the tonemapper using the postprocess volume I couldn’t get it to work as I wanted.
Do you know any way to solve that?

I haven’t done enough android development to know that particular issue, it’s something to do with tonemapping or ambient light but I’d have to mess with it to figure it out.

This is old but I hate unanswered questions, or in this case it feels like its hangin there half answered. As mentioned its tone mapper, I use something like settings icon- previewing-vulkan etc to see how my projects will look on android. I do this for quest dev, as I cannot have mobile hdr activated so I need to see how things will look in my editor. After activating once, it builds preview shaders and you will have a new icon in your menu bar ie Vulkan preview with a little android robot. I can now press for previews. With regards to Android, you are limited in what post-process affects work. Unreal has good documentation for this.