Lightmaps really weird and glitchy, lot's of errors.

Hi there, new to this forum so i hope i posted this in the right thread.

Lately i’ve been having a lot of issues with build lighting.

I’ve gotten a LOT of errors

While some of these are correct like some cubes sliiiiiiightly overlapping on the edges this should be nothing to worry about as i have it in many other maps aswell and it’s outiside the visible player zone.

Other things just confuse me. For instance it states that this grandfather clock has overlapping UV’s

While i’ve used this model in other maps and it produced no errors whatsoever!

In the end, the lightmap looks like ***THIS ***on production quality

Each static mesh and wall has a lightmap res of 128, there is no skylight just a bunch of point lights at around 300 brightness.

I’m also using the substance plugin for textures, and the walls and such are BSP’s converted to static meshes.

I’ve only found one other person that had this issue and they had to make their skylight dynamic, but i don’t even have a skylight!

So, any ideas on a possible cause and solutions?

you have to post this on answerhub.

Most likely the 128 resolution isn’t enough for some of that, I can see some issues that are caused by bad lightmap UV’s. Also, it’s unclear what the light should look like anyway, do you even have a light in the room?
It’s very likely that your lightmap UV’s aren’t very good.

and you need to genderate lightmap uv on the asset settings.

  • dont use bsp just model the room on blender or maya ,bsp are really buggy with lightmaps.


Sorry if this is obvious and you have already checked it, but make sure when you import your model you uncheck ‘Auto Generate Lightmap’. It tends be checked by default, and it overrides your imported lighmap with it’s own auto generated one.