Lightmaps missing after packaging


after I package my game, some of my lightmaps are missing. In standalone mode the same. Only playing in the viewport works fine.

does someone has an idea what I’m doing wrong?

I found the problem. It’s caused by the texture streaming. After deactivating “TextureStreaming” it works well but I think this isn’t a good solution. What can I do else?

Are you sure when you launch the game with texture streaming, you are not just running out of texture memory? By default the pool allocated to that is 1000 mb. It’s quite easy to go over that.

Try to launch your project and increase it via this command : r.streaming.poolsize 4000 (or the amount of vram you have)


increasing the poolsize doesn’t solve the problem. see:

But you have 51 objects that needs a rebuild… Could be that?

Nope, that are objects which I’ve placed after