Lightmaps culling out at large distances

I am experiencing the following issues with my project:

Lightmaps cull out at a particular distance. I need to increase that distance. Below you can see how as i continue to zoom out I am losing detail lighting info on the top half of the landscape. As I continue to zoom out i lose the rest. I have tried many settings in the light source and world settings and it does not appear to affect anything as this seems to be that the baked lightmaps draw distance are controlled elsewhere…

The next issue I am having is with strange lines/sections causing “clipping like” errors at extremely large distances. These can be seen with the alpha not working correctly on lakes and clipping of where lake planes intersect the landscape, and also with the fog on the outlying areas. The fog is rendering with clipping errors. See below:

I have also included a video showing the errors occurring as i zoom out…

[link text][3]

Thanks in advance for your help!