Lightmap/Shadowmap on BSPs?

I’ve started to build a simple map from BSPs to get an idea of what I want before I jump in to maya. But when I build the lighting( production ) the shadows are really poor. This is from one directional light and a sky light.

I increased the resolution from 32 to 128 but it hasn’t really improved it any.

Is it normal for the shadows on BSP to be a bit off?

I think the last time I checked(I don’t use BSP and it’s been a while;)) for BSP you need to lower the number to increase the res.

I know it sounds weird:)


found this

hope that helps:)

You’re right, that worked. That is odd. :smiley:

that always seemed backwards to me too, anyway glad it worked:)

Just a reminder that we have a Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting and Tips Guide that helps with common lighting issues. :slight_smile: