Lightmap Seams

Hi there,

I have the problem that lightmap bakes create seams on various meshes in some situations and artifacts in some situations.

For the Lightmap UVs i tried costum made and generated in the meantime, but the result is quite identical.

I tested it on 2 PCs to make sure it is no local issue, but the result is the same.

Do you have an idea how I can get rid of lightmapping generating seams?

A little update on the issue.

I was able to fix the seam on the affected meshes by widely increasing the space between the UV islands in the lightmap channel.

I have still found no solution for the weird shadowing issue on almost all drawers


Your pipe has overlapping uvs so it will create errors in your lighting (same/mixed information on the overlapping faces!!)!!
You have your lightmap compression turned on which always genertae artifacts! :S
The drawers: are they going to move? If not: it’s better to have just a box with texture than have the separate drawers!
When this kind of lighting happens:
there are cuts in your lightmap uvs, you’ll get separate uv islands. So they will be calculated separate and then stiched together! Because you set a low res lightmap resolution you won’t get pixel perfect result!! BUT you’ll have a 64x64 pixel (!!!) lighting information for the whole mesh!! It will never be high res! :wink: So you’ll need to have as least cuts in your lightmap + set a proper lightmap resolution to your mesh!!