Lightmap resolution or Movable light state?

Hi, I am a beginner UE4 developer and I have a question that is killing me.

So I making a practice level and at the end I have a light but the problem is that the shadow its kinda bad. The shadow its on the BSP Floor and I set a resolution of 4. But I have another option that is giving me better results and is using the light at Movable mode but this light never is going to move and I don’t know if making this im giving problems to the performance of the game.

What is better to do?
Use a higher resolution on the floor or a movable light?
Should I use Movable light for better results?
How can I know how much am I affecting the performance of my game?
What resolutions should I use for the StatichMesh and BSP actors for a good performance and a
good looking?
And last question, should I be strict with the light mobility?

Thanks and sorry my english and questions, I am really new <3

Moveable lights is always easier, and you will save yourself a lot of heartache.

The performance impact is minimal, unless you have a lot of lights in the level.

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Thanks for taking your time to reply.

I understand. But what its worst, making the BSP Resolution better or working with a movable light. What is worst for the performance?


If you’ve made the floor from BSP, it probably has totally shot UVs, that’s my experience anyway.

BSP is only for prototyping - I think.

Why not use?

It’s free and works much better than BSP.

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I’m studying a course and I’m working with BSP Geometry right now.

What’s the difference of that pack? Its Static Mesh?

I’m really beginner, sorry and thanks again for taking your time to response.

These are meshes with world position material ( doesn’t stretch when you manipulate the mesh ).

When you say BSP do you specifically mean?


You’ll get better lighting with a stationary light, as movable lights have no indirect light.

As far as lightmap resolution goess, I aim for a greenish-yellow in the Lightmap Density visualizer and I find that provides good detail.

Exactly, Im going to learn about World Position Material :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for taking yout time to reply. With Stationary light I have this problem.

But with movable I have no problems:

I really did not understand what do u mean with “greenish-yellow in the Lightmap Density visualizer”. Sorry I’m beginner.


What is the problem exactly?

I assume you’re referring to the bright door?

Movable objects (like doors) will not get the same degree of lighting accuracy. This is one of the many challenges of working with lightmass. A common solution is to make both sides of the door lit, for example by placing a lamp on the interior near the door.

As ClockworkOcean said above, working with dynamic lights is easy, working with baked lighting is much more complicated, but it’s the only way to get high quality realistic lighting in Unreal (for now)

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Correct ^^

I understand, thanks. I rlly learned a lot from you.

Investigating myself I discover that changing this value to 0 would solve the problem of the bright door but I do not understand 100% why.
But finally I think I will use movable light for this door cause its giving me a lot of problems trying to fix some details :slight_smile:

Cheers <3

Static lightning - smooth shadows and indirect lighting (light bounces from walls to other walls).

Stationary lightning - smooth shadows and indirect lighting with indirect lightning intensity not set
to zero. Set to zero - no indirect lighting.

Movable lightning - no indirect lighting (unless its a sun (directional light with global illumination turned on)).

If you have a room where you want to switch off/on some lights (in real time) - use stationary lighting for all light sources with indirect lighting intensity set to zero.
Static lights can not be turned off, nor stationary lights with indirect lighting intensity set to more than zero.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I really learned a lot <3

BSPs are for prototyping and are superior to supergrid (in terms of being flexible), as its meant to be a level prototyping tool you can morph, cut, etc. If you want it to be good, open up your 3d modeller of choice and do it properly.

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