Lightmap problem

So,recently I’ve downloaded the 4.15 version.But I have a problem now with my project:the map is too lit.Let me show you:



thats partially due to the new tonemapper and a few other things. (which is why you always need to read updates to ue4 to know what to expect)

it means you will need to re-tweak your lighting/post processing volume or stay with the previous version.
(also, rebuild your lighting)

So how can I re-tweak my lighting (I’m pretty new to ue4)?I can’t go back to the previous version due to a bug that was fixed in 4.15

So,I found the problem(I think).I was using level streaming and all I needed to do was to rebuilt the lightining with all the levels visible :slight_smile:


also, please accept my answer as correct. that way people can find the right answer easily in the future!