Lightmap okay when built but gets buggy when i move camera around :S

I am having this major issue with lightmaps at the moment :S When I build them they look okay. However after I build them they start to get all distorted when i move the camera around the viewport.

How do I prevent this? I have to solve this issue as I have an asset to give in tomorow :S

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? A before moving and after having moved screenshot for comparison.

Thank you!

Hi !

sorry i managed to fix it. :slight_smile:

i think its cos of a bad lightmap uv. i changed my uvs and it looks fine now.

i bumped most of my lightmap resolution for the problem meshes to over 256. is this ideal for a game perfomance?

Glad you got it fixed, or at least narrowed down a root cause. :slight_smile:

For larger objects using a larger lightmap resolution can help especially if you need high resolution shadows cast onto your mesh. If it’s a smaller or medium sized object I’d probably think there is room for some optimization here and there possibly. This depends on the mesh in question though.

If you want some feedback feel free to post a screenshot of the mesh and it’s lightmap UV and I’ll see if I can offer some tips. :slight_smile: