Lightmap not working fine

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new in the UE environment. I come from Blender and some aspects are totally new for me. Here I have an interior scene I am working on, and everything have been working fine until I inserted the sofa and side table assets. All the pieces of the sofa are supposed to look he same in terms of materiality, but the lighting is not working fine so it looks like different materials. Also the shadow and reflections are just approximated.

These props come from the blender market and are made by 3DSHAKER and work perfectly in Blender. But, when I was inserting them in my UE4 scene, the main sofa pieces gave me a lot of UV Light map Overlapping problems. So I switched back to Blender and rebaked the UV maps with a new unwrap without overlapping.

Then I reimported the props and ensured that the Light Map Coordinate Index matches the actual new UV map for textures. This allowed me to overwrite the light map resolution in the details panel (as you can see I boosted it trying to solve the problem) but after rebuilding it, the mistake remains there. I tried different UV maps, and reimporting them in different pieces, but the problem is the same.

Does anyone know what could be my mistake in the process? and I am sorry if this is a noob question but I searched everywhere and did not find an answer.
Thanks and greetings from Spain.