LightMap Issues

Hello, I am currently having issues regarding developing a lightmap in Blender for UE4. At first I had the issue where I would build the lighting and the object would go black and discovered I need to make a lightmap. I have followed many tutorials on how to do so and did a lot of researching on my issue with no luck. Currently, I have a lightmap made and looks correct based on what I have found for tutorials and when I go to build my lighting, it still says I have UV overlapping, even though I certainly do not have any overlapping in the UV. Here are the pictures of my approach and result:






Any help will be appreciated.

UPDATE* I think the issue is around my modifier that I put onto the prop. I’m using the solidify modifier and I think when I unwrap it, the unwrapping puts the faces on top of one another.

of course, you are adding more faces that do not have a correct mapping. You will have to unwrap your asset after the modifier is applied.

fwiw you can tell there are overlapping faces on the round object since you can see lines that cross eachother if you look closely.