Lightmap Error/UV overlapping

Okay, as you can see here the Message Log says my object has overlapping UV’s…but as you can clearly see in the Details Panel shows that my UV’s aren’t overlapping at all. LightMapping_UV_Error.jpg Can anyone help with this? Any idea…as you can see my character doesn’t look the way he is showing up in the details panel view…Why not!?

If it’s a character model then you won’t need lightmap UV’s since it’s not going to use static lighting.

Otherwise you will just have to create a 2nd uv channel with proper lightmaps ->

A good tip for this, go into 3DS Max UVW Unwrap modifier, go into the faces sub-selection mode and go to select > Overlapping faces. It’ll highlight the ones you need to move in your 2nd UV channel. I can see some of those UV islands are overlapping (sharing the same texture space IS overlapping!).

But as already states, you shouldn’t need lightmap UV’s on a character anyway, but it looks like you’ve imported an un-skinned model as a static mesh, not a skeletal one.

Yes, you are correct about the import. I was testing something else and just noticed the error and wasn’t sure why I was getting it. I will try the suggestion although I am using Maya and not Max. I will however try moving the UV’s a bit and see what happens. Why do you say I would not use lightmap UV’s on a character mesh (staticmesh) if it was going to be a statue so to speak?

What if it was going to be a statue? No skeleton. Just a statue representing a character? The lightmap UV’s should still work and show the correct textures right?

When it is just a statue (-> static mesh) then you should generate a lightmap -> yep, it will still show the right texture and it will also use the lighmap

I tried following your tutorial for creating 2nd UV’s but unfortunately I am not using the same software as you…I am using Maya…but I may have gotten an idea from your tutorial so I thank you for that. Not sure if it will work…Maya doesn’t have that same function that you used.

Take a look at the lightmap tutorials from WorldofLevelDesign :wink:

Thanks to you all…I got it now…and thanks to EPIC for making such an awesome engine…I didn’t have to create the UV’s in my 3D package…I was able to do it right in UE4 through the static mesh editor! Thanks again for all you help…I will repay in kind as I learn things as well.