Lightmap Density Viewmode has weird tearing

Recently, I have this issue where if I turn on lightmap density viewmode in the editor, the meshes have this weird black tearing on them, it also “flickers” alot when you move the camera and if you stop moving the camera it seems to sort of stop tearing (the weird tearing on the meshes are still there though). Nothing else seems to really be broken and the viewmode is still showing the correct lightmap densities. I’m just curious as to what is causing this as I tried making a new project and this does not occur, it seems to only occur for some of my projects but not some others. I am also pretty sure this is not an issue with my GPU and its drivers.

It is a little hard to see it in an image alone, but the tearing just goes all crazy when you move the camera around like some massive screen tearing. Note this happens for every mesh (skeleton, static, etc). I just showed her to make it more noticeable in a screenshot.


Bumping this for an answer, I’m getting this issue too - it’s not a deal-breaker, it’s just kind of chaotic Z-Fighting type behavior that I’m seeing. Not sure what is causing it. If anyone has some insights, it would be much appreciated.

Same here ;/

I have the same problem. Has anybody found a solution to this?

HI, try these two things:
Disable Mobile HDR and Multiview in project settings (but just disable this if you are not making a mobile scene)

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Both of the VR options are disabled and I still get black flickering/Zfighting on my static meshes using latest version unreal (5.1)

I’m using 5.1.0 with the archviz template and I have the same problem
did you find a solution?

Me too :face_with_thermometer:

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In the same boat. I am doing the 5 hour beginner tutorial on YouTube by Unreal Sensei, using his project and running into this tearing. Tried the VR settings disabled but this didn’t do anything unfortunately.

You will have to wait until 5.2 (at least) but this is fixed in an upcoming update: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-166674)

Alternatively you could just build the engine from source.