Lightmap between multiple map

Hi there, I’m studying Unreal and I would like to know if there is a method to precalculate correctly the lightmap inside a project.
Each level is stored into different map so i can change/modify it easly without open the entire environment map (where i link all the maps togheter), plus i can create a level streaming through them.
I mean I’m building a big environment that has different level and i want to disable the maps that I don’t need their visibility (with level streaming so I can handle the performance) but I have a problem with lights and lightmapping with objects that are in the middle between them, and they are stored in the persistent map where i link all the levels.
These object doesn’t take any light and they appear brighter (or darker) than the scenario map itself.
The objects are doors and, otherwise, if I switch on the visibility of the adjacent level, the door take a different color…
What can I do to handle this kind of problem?

If my question isn’t clearly enough, I’ll try to explain myself again in other words :slight_smile:

P.S. I tried using an importance light volume inside a level, plus a lightmass character indirect detail volume, but the problem persist…

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: