Lightmap artifacts problem

Hi, I’m working on my short animation and I have problem I can’t solve. I built lighting on scene and I have some grey, blurred areas on geometry. Mesh has material with textures from substance painter. When I increase lightmap resolution from default 64 to 256, shapes are smaller and there are a lot of them, as you can see on screen2. Problem repeats with different objects on different scenes.
Thanks for your time

Unfortunately if you are going to use lightmaps, you’ll need to design around them. You could recreate all those details with a normal map. Or you could not use use as many UV seams and have a planar+relaxed single UV island for the top of those panels. It might be a bit trial and error to get it right.

Or you could go brute force and use 2k lightmaps for everything. There needs to be enough texture resolution to capture tiny small shadow details that might only be 1 pixel wide with a 4k texture.

And you might get lightly better results with Luoshuang’s GPULightmass.

Is there a possibility it’s because not enough light/lights on scene? I don’t have such problem on similar scene with ~10 light sources(but movable, just realized, they are not baked). Here I think there is one, maybe two. Is there alternative for lightmaps? I’m working on animation in sequencer, so optimization is not required.
Edit. Is there a chance to reach good quality with only movable lights?