Lightmap artifacts/errors (need fix)

Hi everyone,

when trying to prepare some models for sale on the marketplace I ran into an issue with the lightmapping.
For some reason, all of my models show weird shadowy artifacts on the edges, as can be seen here:

Here are my UV layouts for the lightmap:

I would really appreciate some help with these issues.
Thank you in advance for your help!

CG Sky

EDIT: It seems like I figured it. Using my sunlight with stationary settings seemed to cause the issue. Turning it to movable solved everything for now. Still not really sure what the issue is, but it has something to do with the shadows.


Dynamic lights won’t produce GI!!
…the problem was the resolution of your lightmaps…

It could be reflection captures, if it’s still occurring with dynamic lighting. Or the objects’ shadow / light settings. Is “Affect indirect lighting” enabled for the objects and the lights? The first (direct) light cast is the darkest, and so is the first bounce in terms of indirect lighting. So it needs some tweaking and trying different settings / sliders. Self-shadowing bias is another one to check. Enable it in each object’s component in details panel, then change the setting for it to increase / decrease.