I have this urban exterior scene where, in certain spots I can’t fix the lighting… I followed a ton of tutorials about the topic, placed all the necessary elements into the scene and tweaked them as much as I could, but I still get spots like this:

Am I missing something?

Or to fix these spots is necessary that you add point/spot lights?

What is the problem? The light bits or the dark bits?

Are you using static lighting or moveable?

The dark is too dark. If I increase SkyLight intensity scale, it gets better, but everything else becomes too bright.

SkyLight is stationary, Directional Light is movable.

It depends on your scene and what you are trying to achieve. Are you using Auto exposure ? It could already be enough to place some additional lights in the dark areas.

I want to convey a grim city… but dark areas are too dark. Do you think it’s ok to use some artificial lights in a daytime scene? I haven’t used them so far because I’ve always been afraid that it could look unnatural.

If it helps you to achieve the look you want, then sure why not. You could also try to set your directional to stationary and bake out your scene.

Thank you for the advice, I’ll try!

If the light intensity is at a level you want then you might have better luck increasing the indirect lighting intensity. Anything to do with indirect light values in the lighting element crank it up to a largish value say 10 or 20 to see if there is an impact and if so drop the value down until you get the result you are looking for.

Found this in my subscriptions

Thank you very much! Now my scene looks a lot better.

It wasn’t indirect lighting, but the answer came from the video. I tried indirect lighting and it didn’t work… after scrolling the comments in search of an answer I found that indirect lighting on movable lights (having a day/night cycle, the project needs movable Directional Light) works only with Mesh Distance Field… as soon as I activated it, the scene got a huge improvement.