Lighting won't build, stays at 0%

I had a problem awhile ago trying to build light here.
I can't build lighting, cashs Unreal - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
That was solved and I thank this community. Now my problem is when I try to build light now, nothing is getting build. It’s telling me that the light is being built, but it’s not and it stays at 0% while the animation for the process is still going. I try to let it do it’s thing and left then came back after 5 minutes, but nothing. I notice this started to happen right after I started to add foliage to my level.


How big is your level?
Have you added a lightmass importance volume surrounding the playable area?
Any errors from the swarm processes in the background?(check swarm controller)
how detailed is the vegetation and the lighting/shadow quality on them?

I’d say its something of the above.

I would say my level is between small and medium. No, I have not added a lightmass or post processing yet. I want to add lighting last. I just need to build light to see how the light hits the bushes and trees I added and to see the shadows. How would I mess with the detail with the vegetation?

Update: it just took a really long time to build light. I guess my level was bigger than I thought.