Lighting tools improvements suggestion

Hi all guys,

first of all thanks for working on the engine and making it shine more and more day by day.

I’ve been working with the lighting in Unreal Engine and I was wondering whether there’s space for some improvement with the lights.

Specifically a lighter would have more control over the lighting if :

  • Lighting channels would be greater than 3. Something around 5 gives a lighter more freedom, especially in the cinematics lighting
  • Clip planes. Adding a near/far clip plane to a light it’s a key cheat to have
  • Shadows control. Similar to clip planes logic, it would be amazing if we could control with a clip plane what objects will cast shadows if hit by a specific light.

Hopefully, this would be an helpful feedback for the next improvements.

Wishing you a great day,

Hey, any update on this?
Also I wouldn’t mind any suggestion on how to do this through bp!