Lighting/Shadow Issues!!!

So, in the images below you will see the trim work in my room has weird lighting/shading issues. I have only 1 light being used(directional) and it is currently set to “moveable” in this render however, even with the light being “static” I am still getting that weird shading issue. I saw somewhere that, when building a wall to an interior for instance, it is best to use 1 entire mesh however, that is not always possible for ALL meshes involved in a scene. This is a perfect example. We have trim pieces, some of which are used to be stretched along the wall, while others are corner pieces to fill in the gaps. Is there a solution as to fix this problem if its not a lightmap problem?

What program did you use to model these? look at your normals and check you UV Work make sure nothing is flipped or reversed. in Maya I often find myself setting the Normal Angle to around 37-40 degrees and it smoothest out my mesh issues like this.

3ds Max. Ive checked to make sure nothing is flipped and that no poly’s overlap in the Lightmass unwrapp. I managed to fix the problem using the world settings by changing the static lighting quality and the smoothness. Thank you for your response.

I think your mesh lightmap resolution is different.You can use ALT+0 check your lightmap