Lighting scenarios baking woes...

I’m hoping someone can shed light on how lighting scenarios work. Namely, separately baking out my lightmaps.

I have three scenarios, if I bake while having them all visible - everything seems to work out fine. However, when I bake with only one sublevel visible - all falls apart. On my last test, the two hidden levels that had already been baked lost all of their lighting information (the previous bakes). The level I tried to bake used a skylight from another sublevel and ignored all the lighting info that exists within it.

My head hurts. What is going on? How should be toggling the sublevels for baking. Is this a bug?

I got the feeling the reflection actors don’t update anymore when changing to another scenario.

Yeah, I noticed that…or seems to combine them.

But that still doesn’t explain why I’d be getting baked lighting from a hidden sublevel. I wish there was more detailed documentation on setting it up.

For now, I will simply load different levels, though it is a hassle.

Having hidden levels lose their lighting information was caused when we refactored lightmap data to be stored in the BuildData package. This will be fixed in the future 4.19 build.

Skylights capturing the scene never worked correctly in lighting scenarios but we have fixed that in 4.19.

Reflection captures are forced to recapture every time you switch lighting scenarios which adds a lot of load time. This is because we didn’t have time to properly implement reflection captures with lighting scenarios, such that they store their captured data in the BuildData package. This work has been done for 4.19 so reflection captures work properly with lighting scenarios.

Thanks for the reply, Daniel! At least I know I’m not crazy now.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the update. Is there a work-around or do we have to wait for 4.19 to come out? What about 4.16? it seems to have worked there, or am I wrong?