Lighting room with one window

I have very bright sun and room with one window for now, when the light hit the wall I get very very bright spot, but my room is completely dark. How to get more realistic lighting?

You need to bake lighting, make sure the light is stationary or static

I can’t use stationary or static because everything is in artifacts. Is here way to make indirect lighting with movable light?

You can use realtime GI stuff like RTX or LPV, to fix the issues with static lighting you need a proper lightmap UV for evry 3d model

For indirect lighting with movable lights, use a post process volume that has GI enabled. Change the indirect intensity to a higher value. There’s also RTGI in the post process volume, where using Brute Force or Final Gather methods are available. For Final Gather, it has to be set at 1 bounce, and a minimum of 16 samples per pixel. Brute Force is supposed to be more accurate than Final Gather.

Thank you, The post process volume made indirect lighting but now I have to much light leaks on every edge of the walls, is here way to reduce this?
I haven’t RTX GPU so I can’t use RTGI.

There’s a few potential fixes I know of for the light leaks. It depends on the area of the scene affected, and other settings, but here:

  • Increase or decrease Shadow Bias and/or Shadow Slope Bias in the directional light
  • Make the walls wider (not length or height, but the width needs increasing, probably by 2x at least)
  • similar to making walls wider, but instead split them down the middle of the width edge so there’s two walls of the same length and height…and now each 1/2 width of the former one wall
  • make the walls two-sided in their details panel > rendering, and enable two-sided lighting and shadowing in the details panel for them too

Any one of those potential fixes is capable of modifying how the lighting interacts with the walls, and thus the nearby surfaces, so it could remove the leaks…yet make the area darker or lighter slightly to somewhat. It could also remove the leaks without any side effects. Another thing is to put a Lightmass Importance Volume over the area or around the scene where lighting needs to be concentrated. With an LIV in place, you’d be able to visualize the 3D volumetric lighting grid and detect which samples (the spheres in the grid) aren’t correct. Then modify its settings in World Lightmass to try to fix the leaks.