Lighting Resolution Issues

Hi everyone!

I’m new here so I hope I didn’t post this into the wrong section.
Anyway, with the release of the UE5 Early Access, I decided to finally learn UE (I’ve been working with Unity previously).
To get started I wanted to create a simple scene and fill it with some grass, rocks and other stuff. I began with the 3rd person template to have a more “natural” feeling character in play mode than the free-fly cam. I then wanted to set up an entirely new level to start experimenting with the landscape tools. I followed a few tutorials on how to navigate the level, set up a simple sun and so on.
After playing around for a while I noticed some weird issues with the dynamic shadows. These issues seem a lot like resolution issues, but changing things like the lightmap resolution(s) sadly didn’t do anything. I’ve searched on the internet for quite a while now, but I was neither able to track down the exact issue nor fix it (as I also was unable to find anything about that precise problem).

Can anyone tell me what I’ve been doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone have the answer to this? I am also having this issue.