lighting question.

I am trying to limit the range of my dynamic shadow casting lights that are stationary or dynamic… for performance considerations. But when i do this the entire scene is too dark… Whats the best method for adding more light overall to the scene? I tried static point lights around, but they are added into the reflections as light sources which is just dumb (incredably blown out i may add). How do i do this lighting stuff better?

Whats a good way of adding ambient lighting?

Use a sky light.

Thats not what i mean at all … skylight is not the solution to a completly closed in room… I just want to add some light ambience… as i said… normally id let the lights just extend far, but the fact thay are stationary and dynamic shadows… i dont want them hitting every objects on every floor in every room of a building so i gave them limited range… how now do i light the rest of it …?