Lighting quality

It is just an accuracy of photons calculations

It uses parameters in BaseLightmass.ini under StaticLighting*Quality settings.

I’m not sure it uses something more.

Maybe there are some hidden adjustments, but I don’t know. Anyway you always can explore code sources.

imaging i manipulated world setting and other stuff to achieve light quality i want and i gain it but it cost rendering time for me , now my question is different level light quality ( medium high and production ) do what exactly ? do they just multiplication values in BaseLightmass.ini or they do more ?
when i achieve very good quality in preview mode do i go with higher level quality gain better result or not ?

looking forward to your replays .
thanks .

can you telling me for gaining accuracy of photons calculations light quality changing what values ? for example its multiplication NumHemisphereSample to 2 .
its valuable information if you could give me , it give clear vision how ue4 works in lighting quality section .
thanks .