Lighting quality looks like medium but is set to epic


the lighting quality of the game im working on looks like its stuck on medium quality(or what is medium on the Game Designer’s comp) regardless of what level it is set to Im on a mac with a AMD fire pro 700gpu, he is on windows with an Nvidia gpu. we think it has something to do with the post processing effects but all our settings match but not sure anyone run into something like this?

below are screen shots
what it should look like (game designers)

what it should not look like (my computer) 0f9a967df2174d084f44c8f330ed14696de959b5.jpeg

Go to Settings > Scalability Settings and make sure everything is set to EPIC. The editor will detect if your computer is running at a low framerate and will adjust these settings to make editing your game more manageable. Once you run a standalone game, those settings should be set back to whatever the game is intended to have for every computer.

So if the editor scalability settings aren’t the problem, try running a standalone game to further test.

Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue with a 2015 iMac, and a 2010 Macbook Pro.