Lighting Problems!

So, when i play my scene. the lighting in the cave starts off really dark and then lightens up after about 5 secs… Sorry… this may be a noob question. I am new to the engine and this is my first scene. I am also having problems with the flame effect. in the viewport its a constant flame but when i play it bursts about like its switching itself off and on. Final question, my water materials look nothing like other peoples… as you can see from images. even outside with more lighting it looks the same. Can someone tell me the problems please? Thank you!

First of all you need to build your lighting for a final result… If you are changing from bright to dark, there is a feature called eye adaption… this maybe explains why your cave gets brighter after a while.
For cool looking water check out the water exsamples on the lern tab or simply download a free scene like the cave from the UE4 launcher.

Eye Adaption

Thank you very much, this has helped alot. I have got a good water texture now. Do you have any other tips to make this scene look as good as possible in terms of lighting? Iv probably spent over 8 hours messing around with lighting and cant get a good effect… and when i export to video it is ALOT darker…

It’s not like someone can say you, do this and that and you will have good lighting. The subject lighting is very complex, it is one of the most important points in game and movie production, you have lighting artists which basically do nothing eles than setup a proper lighting in a scene.

However the tips i can give you…

  1. Get familiar with all the lights and options in them we have in UE4.
  2. Get familiar with light maps and lightmass to get good results, “have a look at the Archviz section in the Forum”.
  3. Good research, get some enviroment art or and references of real caves, so you can try to match the lighting and the look.
  4. Check up some tutorials about lighting in UE4 or regular tutorials for game and movie production.
  5. The last point would be to try LUT settings and post production, you can also find a lot of tutorials for this subject on youtube etc…

Don’t get scared, it all matters on your knowledge and artistic skills, just try and try and try until it looks good!