Lighting problems

I am making an environment in unreal and so far i have been able to fix any lighting problems that arose due to lightmap UVs etc. However, with this i don’t know how to fix the problem let alone what the problem really is the only thing i know is, that its most definately coming from lighting. Within my scene i placed a floor, since it doesnt have a nice square pattern i decided to place it piece for piece. I am using 1 set of textures for all the pieces and in order to create some variety i made multiple variations of the pieces within the same texture. So i have 4 static meshes and 2 or 4 texture variations of those static meshes. In order to switch between these texture variations im using a static switch parameter to choose the texture coordinate.

Now for the problem, before i bake (within the viewport) some of the meshes start turning white if the player or camera is a certain distance away and keeps getting whiter the further i move away. This is very noticeable, see the screenshot. After i bake my lights some of the meshes are black as you can see in the other screenshot. To note: the meshes that are showing up fine are the meshes that have only 2 texture variations (so 2 uv channels+1 lightmap UV channel) and the meshes that have 4 variations (4 uv channels+ 1 lightmap UV channel). All meshes have been set to the correct lightmap coordinate index in the editor. So please if anyone knows how to fix this or has ideas that would be great.