Lighting Problems: Differences in Brightness


I am working on a project with another person (who created the project). We used GitBash to update my version of the project. However, the levels show up a lot brighter on his computer compared to mine.

Here is the link to an image of his:

and here is an image of mine:

Please tell me why this happens and what I can do to fix it.


Looks like one of you has a gamma correction going on that the other one doesnt. Check that out and I hope that is it :wink:

Try this:

-disable “eye adapation” -> set the min brightness to the maximum value + adjust the brigthness with the max slider
-make sure that both of you use the “epic” quality settings
-which engine version do you use?

We are using version 4.8 but we used 4.7.6 before. I’ll try the other suggestions as soon as I get the chance.