Lighting Problem

I am currently having issues where some sides of my object display as black after importing from a .obj file. I am scaling the objects up by a factor of 100 on import. If I keep them the original size the objects are fine and display the appropriate texture (no black sides).

I’ve searched the forum and google and a lot of the suggestions seem to be related to there being no uv2 channel in my objects. I only have 0 and 1 after import. I was wondering if there are other options within ue4 that can solve this issue? I don’t want to try messing around in a 3rd party product to create another channel before importing.

black in viewport




Any suggestions to resolve this would be gratefully appreciated!

It doesn’t look black to be in the first photo, just dimly lit. I can still see the details of the texture. Typically you will only use uv0 and uv1, the latter for your lightmap bakes. Unless you received an error message regarding overlaps upon building your level’s lighting that isn’t it. What light sources do you have in your level?

I have

directional light

Adding a skylight helps but has it looking all blue


I created a uv2 channel in blender and re-imported which made no difference. I tried different type of lighting in the level but still shows as dark. The only thing that seems to “work” is if I set my base texture as the emissive colour too. However, this makes the object a little to bright.

Anyone got any other suggestions? It’s a real pain in the backside!