Lighting problem

Hi everybody,

So I have this house but whatever I do the lighting is so dark inside. I have even build the lighting with high quality but the lighting is so poor and dark. I have some screenshots which I attached to this post. I’ve tried a lot of things such as point light, changing sun position and many more but non of the seem to work. The way I get a little bit of light is to turn the brightness and attenuation radius of the point light to the maximum level but I think it’s not the usual way as doesn’t let me do more than two or three because of overlapping light. Can anybody help me and suggest me a way to get rid of this darkness in this house?
two pictures are attached. The first one s the lighting with just normal setting and the second one is pointlight with brightness and attenuation radius to the maximum level

Thank you


Same problem here! need help :slight_smile: thank you guys