Lighting Problem

Hi guys, I’m moving my first steps in Unreal by following some Digital Tutors lessons but I’ve got some problem with lighing.

According to Digital Tutors I should have this resultc436977b622bdcb79bd8a59aee70f9af5c948059.jpegand this is what I get f5a44dacdda19a170c0e1c47e270328520198d7b.jpeg

Another example: This is what I should get according to Digital Tutors 79c20d752095ee81a92a040d96ed17744276114c.jpegand this is what I getSchermata 2016-03-31 alle 12.24.00.jpg

I’m pretty sure the lights values are the same, but even if I open the Digital Tutors’ project scenes they appear to be much darker than the ones in their tutorial.

I noticed that in the last version of unreal, it has different settings for the Light Source and I wonder if it can cause this issue

I haven’t looked at the Digital Tutors stuff for UE4 before, does it say what version of the engine they use? It kinda looks to me that they have a bloom effect going on as well.

Have you built lighting? Your second shot has no bounce lighting or soft shadows in the corners.

And then there is obviously some post-process setting that you are missing, like bloom or exposure bias.

Thanks for your replies, even when I build lights the whole scene appearto be much darker than the one in the tutorial. As for the bloom post-process I wonder why Digital Tutors does not mention it. Do you know where I can find tutorials that tells you how to set it up correctly?