Lighting problem

I was building a small and simple level but for some reasons I keep getting this errors and also I can`t understand why after I build the lighting my red point light disappears… Any ideas,please?

I cannot give you an awnser spefic to wrapped UV’s, but I can tell you that the problem is not with the engine or the lighting, but with your models. Something is wrong with the second UV map. You should make your objects with 2 uv maps. The first is used for the texture, the second for lighting. If you spend about 5-10 minutes searching on youtube you will find a tutorial on how to do that. You could however start with searching for ‘ue4 wrapped uv’. I am use that should provide you with some awnsers. If none of this helps, I cannot help you any further. (never had this problem myself, only overlapping uv’s) sry :frowning:

For some reasons setting the meshes to movable made the warning to disappear…Im too newbie to understand but Ill follow your advice in order to learn more about the engine.Thank you,sir!

That is how it was solved? Unexpected. But I am very happy to hear you got to work :smiley: