Lighting Problem

Hey Guys
Can someone tell me why the scene gets brighter as soon as I move in the scene?
And how do I get rid of the black spots on the wall?
In the Youtubelink you can see the problem that i described.

Thanks for your help


The first one is auto exposure…
Are you using ray traced lighting?

…and also keep in mind,… Lumen is Still WIP, so it has some limitations (in the early access)… Try to keep things as modular as possible (walls, roof etc. as “solo” elements…) check this out here → Lumen Technical Details | Unreal Engine Documentation

and regarding the “black spots”, create a post process volume (set to boundless) and try to increase the final gather samples on the lumen settings… but this will/may impact your performance heavily

Thanks for the answers.
I think I’ve found the problem.
I first divided the large meshes into smaller ones, but that showed no improvement.
Then I activated raytracing shadows and the problem with the light getting brighter and darker was gone. I hope this is the right way?