Lighting problem

Hi guys,

I’m a newbie with UE, so this is my first project. I’m using this software for architectural visualisation.
As you notice from the image, I have a weird lighting issue with my model imported (leaking lighting?)

I explain you the procedure that I followed for importing my modeling:

  1. in 3ds Max I’ve used the Unwrap modifier for each component (splitted in “walls”, “doors” and “windows”), assigning a specific channel for the lighting;
  2. I’ve assigned in general a Light Map Resolution of 512 / 1024;
  3. I’ve applied the Lightmass Importance Volume, Skylight, Post Process Volume.

Well, what could possibly be the problem?
I am open to all of your suggestions!

ok it’s clear.
In this case I have a door with a resolution of 2048 (very high). I don’t know why but the lighting in this object looks really bad. Why does it happen? Yet when I import this mesh I don’t get any error message!

From what I understand, every space is close to Light Source will result good in quality, even if the lightmap is not so high. In this case the door is a complex object and it’s far from the window that receives the sun light. So, how can I solve this problem?

Or maybe at this stage I can start to assign the materials, without paying attention to the lighting leakage…?

I show you what some shots from 3ds Max and UE, so you can help me to understand if I’m using the UV space well. Can you verify if everything is correct?

Also, when I open the Editor of any object, the lighting looks weird. Does this affect the scene?

Here’s a picture of my walls…in the Editor the lightning is terrible, but in the scene it is acceptable

Thanks for the info. Now the door looks much better with just a 512 lightmap resolution.

The only problem now is the “light” under the door…it looks like it is flying…

As you can see from the third picture I posted from 3ds Max, the door is lying on the floor. Why is there this kind of problem?