lighting pass before World Position Offset pass?

I have a Fisheye shader for my game which moves the vertex away from the screen, but when a point light is added to the scene, the lighting does not stick with the vertex that are moving,
So I was wondering if there is a way to make the lighting render before the Vertex shader somehow so that it follows the flow of the geometry properly.
In UDK we kind of got around this by moving the point light using the fisheye math so that the lighting would kind of follow the geometry when it moved. but the effect was far from perfect.
I’m hoping that there is another solution I can use to get around this issue besides moving the light.

Heres the partial solution we came up with in UDK, by moving the lights during gameplay using Fisheye math, it kind of faked what we were going for, there are some issues though, which are not shown here. The issues that it had was when moving inward and outwards in the level. ( the lights would kinda slide around. The other issue was if you had a large light radius than we were back to seeing the light slide around walls which was odd to look at.

ok, so Bumping my question, but also another thought or idea. It don’t look like we can use world position offset inside a post process effect because the input is greyed out.
However can a Post process contain a world position offset for all mesh on screen some other way maybe?