Lighting or material problem at distance

I’m having a problem figuring out either my lighting or material setup for a landscape. I’m just trying to learn this stuff, so I’m sure it’s something simple that I just don’t know about, but I also don’t even know what to google.

I’m including a screenshot. What I’m trying to do may kill my framerate, but I want to have the landscape at a distance lit and/or rendered the same as what is up close. You can see that it looks like the distance is in shadow, but it isn’t a shadow and the effect follows the player.

Looks like your material doesn’t have any texture for ground. I see textures for slopes and they look lit. Also you should post the graph of your landscape material

I’m sorry. I should have mentioned what the material setup is. I can’t explain it well, and it is HUGE, so an image would have to be larger than I’m allowed to upload to be readable. However, what is relevant is that all of this is added by a single auto material. Specifically, it is a market asset called Procedural Landscape Ecosystem, and it is an unmodified instance that is used in a showcase map from the pack. It is the only thing applied to the entire terrain at the moment, so it is handling the ground and all the foliage for the entire landscape.

I’ve encountered something similar too. What are the settings for SkyAtmosphere / Atmospheric Fog (whichever one is being used in the scene)?