Lighting only works on one side of the sprite (Pictures included)

I am having some issues with sprite lighting. It works fine on sprites that do not change direction. My character on the other hand, when he is moving left the sprite is flipped. But when it is flipped, it will not react to lighting.
Tried several sprite materials. The translucent one almost works, but the sprite becomes blurry when it moves.

When facing right: (DefaultLitSpriteMaterial)
ScreenHunter_352 Oct. 30 12.24.jpg
When facing left: (DefaultLitSpriteMaterial)
ScreenHunter_353 Oct. 30 12.25.jpg

The transform of the sprite is the same, it is just the Z rotation that changes (effectively showing the back side of the sprite, flipping it. which works fine when sprite material is unlit).

Any idea how I can make the lighting work fine on both sides of the sprite?

Edit: I tried checking two-sided, but the sprite just becomes black on both sides then.

Hey, wondering if you ever figured this out… 6 years ago…

I’m having the same exact problem.