Lighting on the Oculus Quest

We are getting extremely different lighting results on the quest vs. our vive’s or the editor. Here are two shots.

This was the editor

This is how it looks on the Quest. I’m just about to dig in to this to see what’s happening but has anyone seen this?

Just guessing… but when you deploy to the Vive or Rift, you are using Shader Model 5.
Teh Quest specifically runs on Android, that does NOT support Shader Model 5, but ES3.1.

Look Dev is different. I am documenting this journey on my blog: Oculus Quest VR Game Development using U4 Unreal Engine - FattyBull
just need some time to make this post usable and people can follow… hope that helps a bit for now…

As BernHardRieder stated above the Quest is much less graphically capable currently. You cannot use the same techniques for PC VR with it. The Quest requires a lot of optimization of all things(lighting/models/textures) same as if you were building to a mobile device, which it is…