Lighting not working as hoped

I’m getting started with level creation in the editor (4.14) and I am having an issue with the lighting in my scene. The whole thing is just way to dark.
I made a quick video on my YouTube channel and in it I switch on the lighting to show the problem.

Please take a quick look and see what I may be doing wrong. I have 4 wall lights, and a skylight. I move all around to try and solve the issue, and rebuilt the lighting many times.

anyway, I look forward some ideas and suggestions.


Michael Rhodes


Try adding a skylight to your level, that should help with the darkness. The other reason you are seeing a lot of black is because your lighting is not built.

Hello Sam,
same thing here. The output is now a way darker then before. I know you play around with the stereooutput 360 module as well, here i have to put all lights double in power than in 4.13. So something must be changed. Even with skylight or hdr you have to double the intensity for the output. In Editor it is fine, or in this case overbright. So you don´t have controll for the lightning as you always have to guess in the editor and then render and see if this was enough intensity. Didn´t you see this too? Just place only a Pointlight in the scene and do the test, you will see it clearly. Thanks for an answer. :wink:

I just uploaded a screenshot showing the weird lighting issue better.
in this picture U used the shortcut to add lights (Shift-L) and this room is closed in with a roof. I did build the lighting and there is a skylight

Thank for any advice guys


I didn’t mention before that I was using the latest Windows Insider build. Not sure if it’s the cause or not. I cannot use 4.13 with the insider build due to the menus not displaying properly. So I just reformatted my PC to the release build of Windows and will see if it makes a difference. I’m going to be using 4.13 until this is fixed.

I’ll post back to let you know if this is the solution.