Lighting not rendering correctly

Hello everyone,
I have created a 3D model of my level and have imported it into UE4. The problem I’m having is weird shadows that the model is casting. In the mesh editor, the shadows are cast correctly and exactly how I want, but in the game(even after building lighting), everything is weird. Here are a few pictures to show what I mean:
Mesh editor:

In game:

Mesh editor:

In game:

The level is all a single mesh, but I don’t think that is the problem. If that was the issue, the lighting wouldn’t work in the mesh editor. It has about 5000 verts, which isn’t THAT much.
I’m also adding a picture of the lighting settings if I missed something:
Static mesh settings:

Lighting settings for the level staticmeshactor:

What could be the problem?

Looks like overlapping Lightmap UVs? Can you post your lightmap uv channel?

The Mesh Editor preview uses dynamic lighting, therefore everythings rendered fine.

Your lightmap resolution is also probably too low. If you have a large surface area then you probably need to separate the mesh into more pieces so you can get better lightmap coverage, otherwise you have to turn up the lightmap resolution very high to get enough lighting detail.

Sure, here is the UV channel:

I believe you have had the same problem I had in my project. See attached. Select you sunlight and scroll down in your settings for it and (highlighted in red) is the Dynamic shadow distance. Change that number and it should fix the problem. Good luck!

You have too many objects in a single object, your lightmap can’t have enough detail, you need to split it up.