Lighting Not Building

Have you tried building it on a different computer? Or maybe try to reinstall the engine.

This is happening on both 4.23 and 4.22 on any project I make. When I go to build lighting on preview it stays at 0% and does nothing. I let it sit overnight and it wasn’t building anymore but everything still needed building. So it did nothing. I can’t find any fix for this issue.

My map isn’t too big either so I don’t think that is the problem.

I also did get these error but I’m not seeing them now.

alt text


Also to note on the same project I made a new level with just a piece of geometry and lighting and it builds just fine.

I dont have another computer. The computer i have now has a I5 8700k 3.6ghz, 16gb ram, geforce gtx 1050ti. And i just installed the engine and it started right after install. same as my previous version.

temporarly disable your windows firewall or add the required exceptions. ue connects to the swarm agent and this happens over tcp/udp. if your firewall blocks it, nothing will get into your swarm and nothing is build

I’m using a translator.
I had a similar problem, but I don’t know if it would help.
If there is a light on your map that uses a construction script, try erasing the light.
Then save the map, call it up again, and try to build it.
Sometimes I moved the screen to a specific location. And the problem didn’t happen.
The specific location was a space in which the screen looked all black or had no lights at all.
These problems can also occur with Directional Light.
The method of erasing the data found on the Internet had a temporary effect.
But I had to keep erasing the problem whenever it happened…