Lighting not building (like its disabled)

I have this one project that does not seem to build lighting. If I do a full build it runs much quicker than it normally runs, but the shadows still say ‘preview’. If I build lighting only, it seems nothing happens. Anyone know what is wrong? I’m guessing there is some setting I disabled without knowing it.

Update: Tracking the Swarm Agent shown no reaction in the log when I click Build Lighting. Other projects run Build Lighting/the Swarm Agent without issue.

4.25.0 Engine if that helps.

Did you disable static lighting in project settings? Are your lights actually set to static/stationary?

Allow Static Lighting is checked in Project Settings.
SkyLight is Static.
Light Source is Stationary.

Other Levels I import into the project will build lighting. It is only this one which will not even run the build. I’ve tried uploading the level to other projects and it does not build with them either.

Check world settings, see if Forced No Precomputed Lighting is on.

Update: I deleted that project, it was not worth the trouble. I came to no resolution within that project though. It will forever be a mystery. :slight_smile: