lighting not building in mostly empty starter scene

To summarize, I changed lightmap resolution of the starter table and chairs to 4096, with most other settings at default for the new level, and the lighting didn’t get past 0% in building phase. I waited for over 5 minutes and it didn’t move even to 1%. The only other thing I did was apply a burnished steel to one chair, made the other chair a translucent glass, the table a marble top with shinier metal legs, and disabled / enabled a few settings for indirect lighting and shadowing.

Before I made those changes, I had 1 or 2 of the objects at 4096 lightmap res, and a bunch of properties enabled / disabled and scalar settings tweaked to enhance lighting intensity and more effect from indirect lighting. Building lighting for that was really fast. So I don’t understand how slimming down the settings and only increasing lightmap resolution would cause a Build operation to not process.